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Musical volunteer wanted to perform/busk to help raise funds and awareness across South Wales. We are not looking for professional musicians - just normal people who love playing live music and have a passion for making a difference. Only 1-2 hours a month.

We're looking for confident and enthusiastic musicians to support our small but busy charity. Our fundraising team create numerous opportunities throughout the year for us to perform in public spaces, such as Hospital Concourses, Shopping Centres and Supermarkets, and we'd love you to join us!

These opportunities can take place through the year, on any day of the week and at any time of day. Most of the opportunities we are offered are for between 1 and 6 hours, so we are fully flexible with any time you are able to offer.

We do not expect our volunteers to be professional musicians or have musical qualifications. As long as you are a confident and enthusiastic performer and are happy to play a short set of familiar or popular music (minimum 15 minutes, which can be repeated), we want to hear from you. Often the style of music that gets the best response from an audience is recognisable, sing-along, or classic tunes. We welcome all styles of music, as long as it makes people smile!

Solos, duos and small groups are ideal for all venues, but we can consider working with larger groups, such as choirs, for certain events.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO ACCEPT ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS. We are a live music charity, and do not allow backing tracks or amplification. Besides, many of the venues we perform/busk at are public spaces, and do not allow us to use power sockets due to health and safety issues.

With support from a volunteer, we can help promote the charity in a positive way to the community, raising funds, awareness and ultimately bringing the joy of live music to more vulnerable people.

South Wales

Volunteers will receive everything they need before performing with our charity, from practical advice to buckets, banners and badges. A member of the team will support you throughout the event. In the past, we have had volunteers who have been booked for private (paid) events and weddings after being spotted at 'busking' events, so we always say "You never know who's listening!". Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed by the charity.

Ability to perform confidently in public, and play a repertoire of familiar pieces up to 15 minutes in total (which can be repeated). You must have your own instrument, and be friendly, happy and passionate about live music. Experience of performing in public would be a bonus, but not essential by any means. We would ideally like to work with volunteers with at least grade 4 equivalent in their musical experience.

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You must be over 10 years old Accessible Expenses Paid

Open from Monday 8th April 2019 to Tuesday 31st December 2019


South Wales